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Weird Island: Weird Places, People and Animals in Britain

Welcome to Weird Island

The British Isles are a storied and weather-beaten collection of rocks. Across the centuries, they have seen murder and bloodshed and their skies have been riven with beasts and visions. Among their peoples there have been prophets, killers and geniuses and he seas around them boil with monsters and haunted wrecks.

Weird Island is a compendium of those hauntings, legends, myths and eyewitness accounts of UFOs, monsters and demons.

If you're new here, jump in via the map - and see what strange things lurk in your corner of the country.

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GCHQ In new hacking allegations: Google, Yahoo named among targets... Steven Grieveson found guilty of fourth murder... Amanda Hutton Jailed for 15 Years... Soldier 'Beheaded' on Woolwich Street...

Helen Rytka

Helen Rytka and her twin sister Rita were newcomers to the prostitution trade, but had already developed a crude but effective system to ensure their safety in the red light district of Huddersfield.They would take clients at roughly the same time and rendezvous around 20 minutes later at a block of public toilets.

Of course, being relatively new to the game, the sisters hadn't developed the more sophisticated systems used by more experienced 'toms' in towns like Leeds who wo. read more