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Weird Island: Weird Places, People and Animals in Britain

Welcome to Weird Island

The British Isles are a storied and weather-beaten collection of rocks. Across the centuries, they have seen murder and bloodshed and their skies have been riven with beasts and visions. Among their peoples there have been prophets, killers and geniuses and he seas around them boil with monsters and haunted wrecks.

Weird Island is a compendium of those hauntings, legends, myths and eyewitness accounts of UFOs, monsters and demons.

If you're new here, jump in via the map - and see what strange things lurk in your corner of the country.

Recent Updates

Alexander Litvinenko

Alexander Litvinenko was a former Russian officer with the FSB - the Russian equivalent of the UK's Serious Organised Crime division. In 1998, in concert with other officers, he publicly accused the FSB of ordering the assassination of a Russian oligarch. He was brought to trial for exceeding his authority in 1999 but was acquitted. In 2000 he was re-arrested and fled the country to seek asylum in... more

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is often regarded as one of the founding fathers of the modern scientific method. Among the achievements associated with his name are the theory of gravity, the invention of calculus, the discovery of the spectrum of light, the As well as this prodigious scientific output, Newton also found time to be the master of the Royal Mint, a heretical religious thinker and a dabbler in alchemy... more

John Kilbride

Hindley and Brady were well aware of the psychology of children - as they would prove time and again in the techniques they adopted to pick up victims. Then, as now, kids were often warned not to go away with "strange men." And so it fell to Hindley, a woman, to carry out the first stage of their action.12 year old John Kilbride was only too willing to help Hindley carry some boxes to her car at a... more

Harewood Castle

If you have ever driven along the A61 from Harewood towards Harrogate in the winter or early spring, you may have noticed this vast, crumbling stone edifice among the woods. Like many abandoned aristocratic homes and castles, it was finally abandoned during the English Civil War, and found a half-life as a source of masonry for local people to pillage at will until the advent of the heritage movem... more