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Weird Island: Weird Places, People and Animals in Britain

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The Westminster Paedophile Ring

Elm Guest House

Cyril Smith

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The British Isles are a storied and weather-beaten collection of rocks. Across the centuries, they have seen murder and bloodshed and their skies have been riven with beasts and visions. Among their peoples there have been prophets, killers and geniuses and he seas around them boil with monsters and haunted wrecks.

Weird Island is a compendium of those hauntings, legends, myths and eyewitness accounts of UFOs, monsters and demons.

We take our dictum from the example set by Charles Fort: "one measures a circle beginning anywhere." Some of the "weird" things within these pages are undoubtedly real, in a physical or historical sense - there is no doubt as to the existence of Stonehenge or the crimes of the Yorkshire Ripper for example. However, other things may only be "real" in the sense that they are experienced by people - fallible and tangled in our own cultural webs as we are.

A haunting, for example, can be experienced through various lenses: a visit from the dead... a psychic vibration from the past... a religious experience... a misidentified plastic bag... a fault in the brain's wiring. Beyond the immediate reach of scientific scrutiny, we are forced to fit such experiences into our own world views. Inescapably, they are bound to our understanding of ourselves and the nature of the world.

With that in mind, we invite you to register and share your experiences, thoughts and views at whatever level seems to make sense to you.

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