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Weird Island: Weird Places, People and Animals in Britain

Welcome to Weird Island

The British Isles are a storied and weather-beaten collection of rocks. Across the centuries, they have seen murder and bloodshed and their skies have been riven with beasts and visions. Among their peoples there have been prophets, killers and geniuses and he seas around them boil with monsters and haunted wrecks.

Weird Island is a compendium of those hauntings, legends, myths and eyewitness accounts of UFOs, monsters and demons.

If you're new here, jump in via the map - and see what strange things lurk in your corner of the country.

Recent Updates

Alexander Litvinenko

Alexander Litvinenko was a former Russian officer with the FSB - the Russian equivalent of the UK' Serious Organised Crime division. In 1998, in concert with other officers, he publicly accused the FSB of ordering the assassination of a Russian oligarch. He was brought to trial for exceeding his authority in 1999 but was acquitted. In 2000 he was re-arrested and fled the country to seek asylum in ... more

Jill Dando Murder

Jill Dando was the charming and beautiful host of the BBC's popular Crimewatch television show. To the astonishment of a nation, she was shot dead on her own doorstep at around 11:32am. She was killed by a single gunshot to the head. Her murderer has never been caught, nor a motive ascertained. As the presenter of a program dedicated to the solving of crimes, it is thought that she may have been k... more

Cyril Smith

The Liberal MP Cyril Smith is a prominent name now said to have been complicit and active in paedophile rings linked to Westminster and a string of care homes in his constituency of Rochdale.This documentary from Channel 4's Dispatches series contains disturbingly detailed accounts of his alleged offences, as well as describing how it was that charges were never brought - despite an 80 page police... more


GCHQ Bude is one of the critical pieces of SIGINT infrastructure based in the UK as it enables GCHQ and their partners in the USA's NSA access to undersea cabling that carries much transatlantic internet traffic. An operation called TEMPORA was revealed by Edward Snowden's leaks in demonstrating the existence of this project and some idea of its scope. All internet traffic from 200 connections is ... more