Weird Animals

In a hugger-mugger island such as ours - where we rub shoulders with thousands of people on a daily basis - it seems absurd to think that our countryside throngs with unknown beasts

And yet from North to South, West to East, our landscape teems with a multitude of unknown animals.

Every liminal space is populated by ghostly phantasms of dogs, corporeal big cats, wildmen, giant snakes and devilish creatures which fit no known zoological category. Are they really there among the bushes or do they spring from some darker internal space? Do race memories walk among us in the near-flesh or can we simply not tell the difference between a household tabby and an African lion?

Perhaps we will never know. But whether known or not, still the beasts slither about our hedgerows, haunt our mountains and surface from the deeps of our lakes. Whatever science may like to say on the subject, countless people record countless visitations of crawling, winged, mythic beasts every year.