Beast of Stroud Caught on Video?
11st February 2012

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Do these few minutes of footage - shot at long range by teaching assistant Coryn Memory - shot the elusive Beast of Stroud? The video was show close on the heels of the announcement that DNA tests had failed to indicate the presence of a big cat at the scene of deer killings at Woodchester Park, but seem to breath new life into the continuing Gloucester big cat flap.

What does it show? Well like all such material, it is bound to remain inconclusive. Size is enormously difficult to judge at distance, and while the footage certainly appears to show a black felid of some considerable size, it is very hard to accurately gauge scale. Of course, The Sun has managed to prove its reality to its own satisfaction - helped by the "big cat expert" du jour Frank Tunbridge and a cardboard cut out of a leopard ("you couldn't make it up!" etc).

Here's the footage - let us know what you think (despite the Sun's crappy embedding code, which mangles things sometimes).

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