Bodmin Beast Skull - River Fowey

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Bodmin Beast Skull - River Fowey

Bodmin Beast Skull - River Fowey

Shortly after the publication of the official Government report into the existence of the Beast of Bodmin, a boy walking along the River Fowey came across the skull of a large felid - some 7 inches wide and 4 inches long. The lower joy was missing, but the upper jaw contained some fairly serious incisors, suggestive of those wielded by a leopard.

Later investigation at the Museum of Natural History revealed that the skull had most probably been taken from a leopardskin rug. The clean cut at the back of the skull was in keeping with the style of cuts performed in the production of such rugs, and there were indications that the skull had been skinned with a knife. The final blow to the theory that the skull belonged to an unknown beast came when the egg case of a tropical cockroach was found in the skull - indicating that the head originated overseas and was thus probably from an imported rug.

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