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  • 19th February 1988
    The Minto Leopard Cat
    Gamekeeper Willie Thomas had suffered a series of pheasant kills on the Minto estates where he worked but was surprised to come across the culprit in the act - running from a pen with a pheasant in its mouth. Rather than the usual fox or feral cat, he was presented by what he described as a cross be...
    The Minto Leopard Cat: in depth
  • 15th April 1988
    The Widecombe Leopard Cat
    A farmer happened across an unusual cat chasing his geese and did as farmers do - drawing his gun on the beast and shooting it dead. Puzzled by the cat - which was larger and clearly more exotic than any of the neighbourhood tabbies, he called local vet Neville Harrison to aid in its identification....
    The Widecombe Leopard Cat: in depth
  • 8th May 2001
    The Beast of Cricklewood
    The Beast of Cricklewood - also known as the Beast of Barnet - was captured by RSPCA officers and a vet from the London Zoological Society armed with a tranquiliser gun following several days in which it was sighted across the borough by a succession of startled witnesses. The beast was taken to Lon...
    The Beast of Cricklewood: in depth

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