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Many of the reported sightings of the mystery big cat said to be prowling in and around Arbroath are notably short on detail - seemingly reported some time after the event and with only vague details about exact timings.

  • 3rd September 2009 - 05:00
    Arbroath resident Iain Gardener sees the mystery felid in the bushes around his workplace on the Kirkton Industrial estate. He described the animal as being "about the size of a dog" but knew it wasn't a dog "because of it's shape, it was more like a big cat or a panther but whatever it was it was quite a beautiful beast." He attempts to snap the beast with his phone from his car, but they fail to come out properly.
  • June 2013
    Seaton Woods deer carcasses
    Mike Craic tells reporters how his wife has discovered a series of stripped deer carcasses in the Seaton Woods, describing how they were "totally stripped to the bone" and "savaged". He goes on to describe how his wife has stopped going through the woods since" but is quick to assure us that this is not through fear of the cat, but "purely because of the fact it is so overgrown."
  • August 2013
    Seaton Road
    Richard Talbert sees the feline denizen of the Arbroath woods in his back garden - and narrowly misses the opportunity to catch a photograph of the elusive beast: "I was looking out my back garden window whilst having a glass of water... and I saw a large black cat like creature 
roaming about. I tried to take a picture of it but the flash scared it off."
  • September 2013
    East Seaton farm
    Richard Smith - an Arbroath resident reports seeing a big cat for the second time inside twelve months near East Seaton farm: I know there is a lot of wildlife down here but what I saw was a big black cat that must have been at least a metre long. It came running along up the dirt track up to the strawberry fields and it was so fast. There is no way it was a normal cat or a dog." Like other witnesses, he is unfortunate in witnessing the beast without his camera to hand. "I wish I had my 'phone to take a picture because nobody else up here I have spoken to has seen the same thing."
  • 9th September 2013
    Anonymous sighting
    An anoymous reader writes to the Arbroath Herald to describe seeing a beast on the nature walk near Little Cairnie hospital.

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