The Beast of Cricklewood
8th May 2001

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The Beast of Cricklewood - also known as the Beast of Barnet - was captured by RSPCA officers and a vet from the London Zoological Society armed with a tranquiliser gun following several days in which it was sighted across the borough by a succession of startled witnesses. The beast was taken to London Zoo where it was described as 'recuperating'

The animal was identified as a Eurasian lynx and the RSPCA suggested it was probably someone's illegal pet that had either been released or escaped from captivity:

"You would not be issued with one to keep a lynx in a normal, domestic premises in north London. We believe someone was keeping this animal illegally and it has escaped. We are appealing for information from anyone who might know who the owner of this cat was."

As far as we know, the owner was never identified, but the people of Cricklewood presumably slept a little easier.

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