The Beast of Stroud

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  • 4th January 2012
    Woodchester Park Deer Killing
    Walkers on National Trust land near Selsey Hill were shocked to discover an eviscerated deer carcass on the 4th January 2012.Its abdomen had been opened and organs - including the heart and liver - were missing, presumed eaten. Most tellingly, the deer's snout was severed. This was a critical clue, ...
    Woodchester Park Deer Killing: in depth
  • 11th February 2012
    Beast of Stroud Caught on Video?
    Do these few minutes of footage - shot at long range by teaching assistant Coryn Memory - shot the elusive Beast of Stroud? The video was show close on the heels of the announcement that DNA tests had failed to indicate the presence of a big cat at the scene of deer killings at Woodchester Park, but...
    Beast of Stroud Caught on Video?: in depth

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