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Timeline of Sightings

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  • 2003
    Westbury Leigh
    Pamela Thompson is stunned when a "creature the size of a Labrador" jumps onto her car. She takes a photograph of a 4 inch pawprint left on her bonnet.
  • 15th April 2009 - 14:30
    Rita Fielding sighting
    Rita Fielding of Bradford on Avon, spots a big cat while walking through fields near the river. She later tells reporters:

    "I looked over and saw a massive black cat in some dead grass by the bank. I turned to tell my neighbour and it had gone by the time I looked back. What struck me is that it was so very very black and was much bigger than a dog."

  • 27th April 2009 - 21:20
    Gainsborough Rise
    Local man Jim Holt, 52, encounters the beast as it emerges from under an illuminated street sign on Gainsborough Rise. It crouches low to the ground and stars at Mr. Holt's Jack Russell terrier. He describes the animal as "definitely a large cat-like creature from what I could tell"
  • 14th May 2009 - 23:45
    Spotted at Marlborough
    Marlborough songwriter Mike Booth reports seeing the big cat crossing the A361 near Trowbridge.
  • 28th May 2009 - 16:45
    Spotted between Bradford and Avon and Holt
    38 year old Shopworker Allyson Jones is driving on the B3107 between Bradford on Avon and Holt when a big black cat appears in the path of her car.

    She describes the encounter to local reporters the next day: "I thought it was going to eat me. It had just jumped out of a hedge and stood in the path of my car staring at me.

    Its eyes were red because of my headlights, which I then turned off because I know that with other animals, like deer, you turn your lights off and they run away. The cat ran away and headed in the direction of Trowbridge."

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