The Surrey Puma

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  • 27th October 1825
    William Cobbett encounter with the puma
    Tarmer, writer and political commentator, William Cobbett reports 'a big grey cat, the size of a medium-sized spaniel' at the ruins of Waverley Abbey.
  • 4th September 1964
    Puma sighted at Munstead
    A blackberry-picker at Munstead sees a creature almost 5 feet in length - excluding its tail. It is golden brown in colour, has a cat-like face and a brown stripe running down its back. Later the same day, tracks are found on Munstead common in sandy soil and are followed for half a mile before vanishing into some bushes - the creature seemingly having jumped a high fence.
  • 23rd September 1964
    Animal attacks reported
    Two separate instances of apparent attacks on wildlife and livestock are reported. A roe deer is found dead with a broken neck and what are described as 'claw scratches' on its flanks. The same day, a heifer is found deeply wounded but alive - displaying similar claw wounds.
  • 24th September 1964
    Puma sighting at Dunsfold
    A motorist reports a puma crossing the road in front of his car as he approaches Dunsfold.
  • 4th July 1966
    Worplesdon puma sighting
    For twenty minutes, a small crowd - including policemen - watch from 100 yards as a labrador-sized cat with a white-tipped tail as it stalks and kills a rabbit.

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