Demons, Imps and Fairies

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Cats and dogs are all very well and good. Whether their near-ghostly brethren truly rub shoulders with the living, at least we can neatly categorise them into 'rational' categories and try to take pictures of them, if we will.

What then of those beings which fit no rational taxonomy? The little people - elves, pixies and faeries who still live in the gardens of modern semis and woodland dells alike. Surely in our modern world, with its attendant gadgetry and surveillance there is no place for such childlike fancies? But still they creep, unbidden, into people's lives. Playfully they flit around the borders of conscious existence, ephemeral and private. Perhaps with no other phenomena  is the direct experience so personal and unique.

Of course, mainly they exist today in long-forgotten tomes of local legends and myths - curated by folklorists in attempts to create a workable taxonomy for tales that cross boundaries. A spirit can be a boggart, a hobgoblin, a barghest or a shuck depending on the time and place in which it was recorded - with wildly differing physical and emotional characteristics.

And yet even today it can be persuasively argued that modern analogs to these ancient spirits of bog, woodland fell still live among us. Defying the laughter of modern cynics, still people report encountering various denizens of the faerie underworld and it could be that 'modern' phenomena such as poltergeists are actually just new names for ancient forces that once may have acquired a different name.

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