The Hob of Hart Hall

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The exploits of the hob of Hart Hall are recorded in the recollections of Reverend J.C. Atkinson - who heard them from a woman who lived in the vicinity of the hall.

As the household slept, the helpful spirit would attend to a variety of tasks around the hall and surrounding farm buildings. It was particularly vigourous in threshing and was witnessed by residents of the hall who were woken by the sound of its flail. One farm boy crept out to view the hob as it worked and left a rare eyewitness account of the creature. The hob was a "little brown man" covered with hair and naked as the day he was born - with the exception of a kind of ragged old smock.

The boy told the other servants about the creature and they all agreed that they should help him by fashioning him a new smock as best as they could. As evening fell the next day, they placed the smock in the barn for the hob to find and hid themselves to watch as events unfolded. To their surprise, the hob expressed his disdain for the item - complaining about its coarseness and likening it to the kind of clothing worn by a common labourer.

Suitably offended, the hob vanished and was never seen again.

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