The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph
7th August 1933

The moment a monster surfaced... or a dog carrying a stick?

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The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph

The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph

In the initial flurry of interest in the Loch Ness Monster, many pictures were taken of things in the waters in the Loch. Indeed many of them remain iconic and popularly reproduced. Among them is this 1933 photograph taken by Hugh Gray.

According to Hugh Gray:

"I immediately got my camera ready and snapped the object which was then two to three feet above the surface of the water. I did not see any head, for what I took to be the front parts were under the water, but there was considerable movement from what seemed to be the tail."

Alas, then, that many people who look at the picture actually see what appears to be a golden retriever holding a stick!

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The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph: location