Morag: The Beast of Loch Morar

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  • 1948
    Seen by 9 people in a boat
    Nine witnesses aboard a boat on the loch report an encounter with "a peculiar serpent-like creature" reckoned to be around 20ft in length.
  • 16th August 1969 - 21:30
    The McDonnell & Simpson encounter
    Two long-distance lorry drivers, Duncan McDonnell and William Simpson are boating on the loch in an 18ft cabin cruiser. Suddenly, they are struck astern with sufficient force to knock a kettle off the hob.

    Simpson begins to run down to turn the gas off when McDonnell calls him back in alarm. Simpson finds McDonnell engaged in a fight with a 25-30ft long creature, using an oar which snaps in two. Simpson grabs a rifle and fires in the general direction of the animal, which dives out of view.

    The two men are interviewed shortly afterwards by both BBC and ITV reporters and two investigators from the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau. They all agree that the two men seem credible and genuinely shaken by their encounter.
  • August 2013
    The beast resurfaces
    After several years of quiet anonymity, Morag shows herself to a string of visitors to the loch. Doug Christie and his wife see her resting on the surface - about the same shape (and size!) of a submarine. They call the owner of the B&B in which they are staying and he too sees the 'almost motionless' beast out in the middle of the two mile wide loch.

    Towards the end of the month, Mallaig resident Alistair MacKellaig and three friends see the monster from a boat whilst fishing on the loch.

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