The Bristol Crocodile
25th June 2014

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The waters of the River Avon in Bristol are an unlikely setting in which to find a crocodile. While theoretically a crocodile could survive for a time in the chilly English river, it would be unlikely to thrive. Nonetheless, a flurry of sightings in June 2014 caused a minor media sensation akin to that surrounding the highly localised big cat 'flaps' seen in various parts of the country over the past few decades.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA struck a broadly sceptical note, but pointed at that there was a small chance of an actual animal being behind the sightings:

"Its not unknown for exotic animals to escape from either private properties or zoos. Over the years we've rescued different types of exotic animals and snakes. It's not impossible as people can own caimans with the right licence."

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The Bristol Crocodile: location


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