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  • 7th August 1933 The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph
    The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph
    In the initial flurry of interest in the Loch Ness Monster, many pictures were taken of things in the waters in the Loch. Indeed many of them remain iconic and popularly reproduced. Among them is this 1933 photograph taken by Hugh Gray.According to Hugh Gray:"I immediately got my camera ready and sn...
    The Hugh Gray Loch Ness Photograph: in depth
  • 19th April 1934 The Surgeon's Photograph
    The Surgeon's Photograph
    Possibly the single most iconic photograph of the Loch Ness Monster - and the image that has probably done more to cement the image of a long-necked creature in the public imagination - the "surgeon's photograph" has long been a source of controversy. While few now would continue to cleave to its au...
    The Surgeon's Photograph: in depth
  • 23rd April 1960
    Tim Dinsdale Loch Ness Monster Film
    Tim Dinsdale (b. 1924 - d. 1987) was an aeronautical engineer and believer in the Loch Ness monster. In 1960 he took a trip to Loch Ness, armed with his camera and determined to prove that Nessie was real. For four frustrating days, his vigil proved fruitless, but on the fifth and final day of his e...
    Tim Dinsdale Loch Ness Monster Film: in depth
  • 9th October 1987 Operation Deepscan
    Operation Deepscan
    Operation Deepscan was the exciting moniker given to an 1987 attempt to settle the question of Nessie's existence through massive deployment of modern technology. A fleet of 24 boats, equipped with sonar equipment, advanced in a phalanx across the surface of the loch over the course of three days. B...
    Operation Deepscan: in depth
  • 27th August 2013
    New Nessie evidence?
    A photograph of an unusual wave on Loch Ness sparks speculation that it could have been caused by Nessie. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, the photographer - David Elder - was "convinced this was caused by a solid black object under the water".

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