Darrim Daoud
15th November 2009

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Darrim Douad was a half-English, half-Iraqi man who was found dead on the railway tracks just outside the Balcome Railway tunnel near Crawley. Douad's death would ordinarily attract little attention - accidents or suicides on rail lines occur with saddening frequency - but in his case, the investigation by the Coroner was delayed by almost a year as he and The British Transport Police investigated claims that Douad had been the target of a long-term campaign of electronic harassment by some unknown state agency.

Police spokesmen at the time said they had received reports of a body on the line at that time and that:

"Upon attendance officers discovered the body of a man, who appeared to have suffered injuries consistent with being struck by a train."

At first just treated as a 'routine' suicide, it was not until the inquest into his death that the strange claims about Douad's life and death became known.

He had been heavily involved in the movement against the Iraq War and came to believe that this had brought him to the attention of the Security Services who, for reasons of their own, had started a campaign to disturb and ultimately destroy his mind. This they would achieve through the use of electronic surveillance, electronic harassment and directed energy weapons.

The night before his death, Douad posted a short video to YouTube showing what he claimed to be injuries caused by these directed energy weapons

Whether you believe the marks on his face were truly caused by some unknown weapon, or were actually more prosaic in origin, Douad himself was sincere in his belief and had told his closest associates and friends that they should be aware that he might die in suspicious circumstances. If that actually came to pass, he placed upon his friends the burden of disseminating his story and several attempts were made to put Douad's beliefs before the coroner and for witnesses from official and unofficial sources to be brought before the inquest for questioning. Legal arguments about whether his associates were 'properly interested persons' to be present at the inquest delayed the hearing for nearly a year, but were ultimately rejected.

A verdict of suicide while of unsound mind was passed on Douad's death and there, officially, the matter rests. Unofficially however, his death has become a cause celebré for those who believe in the reality and deployment of electronic weaponry on the general public. Some of this cohort have gone so far as to label his death a murder - contending that he was deliberately driven to suicide (the day before his death, he told a friend that he hadn't slept in over 133 hours).

A statement read to the inquest by the Coroner on behalf of his family stated that:

"In February 2004 he had a psychotic breakdown and was diagnosed as having a mental illness. He told his family he was terrified he was being followed and that he was being followed at all times. He couldn't sleep at night."

The story of Daoud being diagnosed with a 'mental illness' cuts right to the heart of whether 'Targeted Individuals' are suffering from a psychotic delusion, or whether such diagnoses are in themselves part of the targeting.

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