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This former guest house is alleged to have been at the heart of paedophile parties throughout the seventies and eighties. Adverts for the house printed at the time boasted of a 10% discount for members of the "Spartacus Club." It is alleged that the Spartacus Club was a cadre of paedophiles drawn from the British elites - in politics, media, the judiciary, the police, armed services, the entertainment industry and more besides. Some men claiming to have been abused at the home have come forward, but police investigations are - at the time of writing - only at a preliminary stage.

A widely disseminated list of alleged names taken from the home's guestbook has been in circulation on the internet for several years. The originals were taken by police from former social worker's Mary Moss's home in early 2013, but she took blurred photographs of her notes before their removal. The list of names includes several household names from the worlds of politics and entertainment, as well as convicted sex offenders. These notes were contemporaneous notes made by social worker Chris Fay during an interview with the one of the home's owners - Carol Kasir - prior to her death. He himself states that she was unreliable and told lies during the interview. Aside from her claims and the existence of these notes, there is no known evidence for the involvement of most of the "star names" on the list.
As such, and for legal reasons, I decline to publish the list on this site. If you are curious enough to know, you can see more detail at Cigpapers.

However in this video, worker Chris Fay names names of people who he claims were involved in abuse at the home - including senior political figures. Some may find the claims distressing or literally beyond belief: 'snuff' films are mentioned - which are thought by most investigators to be a myth.

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