Harvey Proctor
16th April 1987

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Harvey Proctor

Harvey Proctor


Harvey Proctor was the right-wing Conservative MP for Billericy between 1983 and 1987, when his career was ended by what was then known as a "gay scandal." Aware of his homosexuality, the People newspaper used rent boys armed with hidden tape recorders to catch the MP admitting to his proclivity for spanking young men. Although claiming to be older, the two were actually just 17 and 19.

As the age of consent was 21 at the time, he was subsequently arrested and pled guilty to gross indecency in May 1987. He resigned from Parliament, and subsequently ran a shirt shop- in whose premises he was injured in a homophobically-motivated attack in 1992.

In 2015, he was questioned about historical allegations of child abuse by officer from Operation Midland - strenuously denying that he had even heard about an establishment paedophile ring during his time as an MP.
"I have never attended sex parties at Dolphin Square or anywhere else. I have not been part of any rent-boy ring with cabinet ministers, other members of parliament or generals or the military.I conducted my private life in a discreet manner. It wasnít I who outed myself, it was the press who did an assortment of things to out me. I was a discreet person and regarded in the House of Commons as a very independent MP and a loner. The last thing I would have dreamed of doing was talking to other MPs or ministers or anyone else about my private life. It wasnít that I was ashamed of being a homosexual, it was that I didnít think it mattered a damn to the work I did on behalf of my constituents."
"I may not have known the detail of it but anyone would be blind if they hadn't seen the press relating to these matters over the last year and I find myself in a Kafkaesque fantasy situation. I believe that the number of victims grows by the day. The number of alleged perpetrators through death diminishes. That is a problem. It is certainly a problem for me. I suppose my problem is that I'm still very much alive. I am sure some of the allegations are true but I'm also sure a lot of the allegations are pure and utter fantasy."

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