Lesley Molseed and Stefan Kiszko

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  • 14th August 1964
    Lesley Molseed born
    A small child, riven with a congenital cardiac condition, she is nonetheless a popular and happy figure.
  • 5th October 1975
    Last seen alive
    Lesley Molseed leaves her home at 11 Delamere Road to get some bread for her parents
  • 8th October 1975
    Body found
    Lesley's body is found on a natural grass shelf near a layby of the A672. She has been stabbed 12 times - one of which was sufficiently deep to have penetrated her heart. Her body has arranged after death, and the killer has ejaculated on her underwear.
  • December 1975
    Arrest and confession of Stefan Kiszko
    Following reports from local girls that Kiszko has exposed himself to them, police arrest him on suspicion of abducting and murdering Lesley. Without a solicitor present - and having received no formal caution - he is questioned for three days until he confesses, apparently believing that he will be allowed to go home and his innocence proven later at court.
  • 21st June 1976
    Kiszko convicted of murder
    After five hours of deliberation, the jury at Leeds crown court finds Kiszko guilty of the murder of Lesley Molseed. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • May 1978
    First appeal
    Kiszko's first appeal against his sentence is rejected.
  • 23rd December 1983
    Kiszko dies
    Within months of obtaining his freedom, Kiszko dies at home of heart failure.
  • 18th February 1992
    Kiszko found innocent
    After 22 years of confinement - during which he has developed schizophrenia - judges rule him to be innocent on the basic of forensic evidence which positively prove his innocence. In his frail state, it is 9 months before he is able to leave hospital.
  • 12th November 2007
    Ronald Castree found guilty of the murder of Lesley Molseed
    DNA evidence proves Castree to have been guilty of the murder of Lesley Molseed. He is sentenced to life imprisonment at Bradford crown court with a suggested minimum sentence of 30 years

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