RAF Fylingdales

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RAF Fylingdales

RAF Fylingdales


Anyone who has travelled along the A171 as it it threads its way across the bleaker parts of the North Yorkshire Moors will be familiar with RAF Fylingdales. Originally it was marked by radomes - similar to the 'golf balls' seen at other bases (particularly Menwith Hill) but today it is the home of a slightly less iconic - though no less unusual - 'pyramid'.

The base's official remit is: “to provide an uninterrupted ballistic missile warning and space surveillance service”. The 'pyramid' is actually a truncated tetrahedron which contains an Active Electronically Scanned Array - effectively a colossal and highly sensitive radar and scanning system that is designed to detect incoming missile attacks from mainland Europe (a legacy of the Cold War) as well as monitoring air traffic.

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