RAF Fylingdales

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  • 1962
    Construction of the golf balls starts
    The three 140ft tall radomes, with their distinctive 'golf ball' shape become a familiar Yorkshire landmark for the decades to follow
  • September 1963
    Formally opens
  • 24th February 1972
    4 minutes warning confirmed
    In written answers, Lord Lambton confirms that the warning time of Soviet nuclear attack offered by Fylingdales remains just 4 minutes.
  • 1973
    Russian spy ship 'bugging' claims made
    Conservative MP Geoffrey Stewart-Smith claims that the Russians are using spy-ships disguised as trawlers to ‘bug’ the station and the Soviets have already cracked the West's so-called nuclear attack shield. Fylingdales is the most Southerly point of the shield.
  • September 1992
    The Pyramid replaces the golf balls
    The new 170ft high pyramid - costing over £160,000,000 attracts immediate suspicion over accusations that it can be used as part of the USA's vaunted "Star Wars" defense system.

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