Secret Military Bases

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Britain's military is among the most technologically advanced in the world and its strategic position on the edge of the European continent has long made it an important player in world affairs - to say nothing of its history as an imperial power.

But military might, past or present, is not necessarily about the supposed glory of combat and martial performance. Clandestine missions, the development of terrible new weaponry and involvement in quasi-military operations against civilian targets mean that at the fringes of the services lie dark corners they would rather keep hidden from the light of public knowledge.

During the long deployment of US forces during the Cold War, Britain - with her long entwined history with the USA - became the most prominent host to US military facilities in Europe. Spy planes... nuclear weaponry and listening facilities still speckle the British Isles, provoking fear and suspicion - although whether those fears have any basis in truth is a matter of debate.

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