The Westminster Paedophile Ring

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The Westminster Paedophile Ring

Cyril Smith


The idea of high level cover-ups of sexual abuse in high politics is neither new nor unique to Britain. Questions continue to be asked in Belgium, for example, of how Marc Dutroux managed to carry out horrific crimes despite being convicted on several occasions. Dutroux himself has fuelled suggestions that there was some official complicity in his crimes that would cause enormous damage to the political establishment were it to be revealed. Closer to home, it has long been rumoured that senior politicians were involved of paedophilic activity during the 70s and 80s.

While such rumours have been common currency on the internet for many years, it is only in the summer of 2014 that they have surfaced in the mainstream media. The cover up is said to extend from the BBC - which now acknowledges that rumours surrounded Jimmy Savile's activities for decades - to high circles of government. There, in a similar fashion, the late MP Cyril Smith's alleged proclivity for young boys is said to have been an open secret, with various complaints made against him being suppressed.

Similarly, Jimmy Savile's uniquely privileged access to the patients at Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville hospitals doesn't jibe with subsequent revelations that "everyone knew" of his strange sexual appetites. Somehow, and for some reason, prosecutions against men such as these were never brought during their lifetimes (indeed, some openly doubt the claims against Savile).

At the centre of the current crop of allegations is a dossier of evidence given by Conservative MP Peter Dickens to the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan. Brittan's story of what happened to the dossier has changed on a number of occasions. Its current location is unknown, but internal investigation has revealed that at least 114 files relating to child abuse were destroyed by the civil service.

Furthermore, Dickens named one individual - Sir Peter Hayman - as a paedophile under Parliamentary Privilege during a Commons debate in 1981. He further claimed in 1985 to have been burgled twice and received death threats. It has since been alleged that Hayman was a senior figure in MI6, which (if true) would cast a sinister new dimension onto these allegations - which were never proven at the time.

It has also emerged that the leader of the now notorious pro-paedophile organisation P.I.E. worked as a contractor in the Home Office and claimed in notes he wrote in the mid eighties that he had hidden information relating to group's activities actually within the Home Office building itself.

At the centre of the allegations is the former Elm guest house - claimed by several investigators to have been a 'safe house' for organised paedophilia and "used" by celebrities and politicians alike.

Whether these claims are true or not is yet to be proven, but in the current milieu of disbelief in the 'official' account of past events - shown most starkly in the Hillsborough case - it seems likely that this story of conspiracy will not now die down without serious investigation by the judiciary.

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