Elastic or Laggy.

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You will need-

Ideally 3 or more players.†

10m knicker elastic.

In Leicester itíd be pronounced Laggeh.

We all had our own. About 10m of knicker elastic or slightly thicker. Two loose ends tied together to make a large loop. Easily scooped up and into a pocket at the end of break.

To Start: Two girls would stand facing each other with the elastic stretched between them & around the back of their ankles- †legs slightly apart to make a rectangle of elastic.

To Play: The other player would stand next to the elastic & jump it.

First jumping so she has a foot either side of a single piece of elastic.†

Then up and feet to land either side of the other piece of elastic.†

Then a series of jumps and twists. Landing on the elastic with both feet, turning round in mid air. Itís amazing the Olympics didn't pick it up really. †

As you jumped out you could if you were dead good* do a special foot flourish by looping a toe through and twanging it.

The Game: The elastic moved higher each time. From ankles to calves then onto Knees. Each height had different width options too -with the elastic holding girls simply moving their feet wider apart.†

To Finish: You were out by landing on the elastic when you weren't supposed to and vice versa. Or falling over - even if it was so unfair and it was just the buckle of your shoe getting caught on it.

The long summer playtimes DID simply whizz by.

If you didnít have any friends you could hook the elastic around some handy inanimate object: Tree stump, Chair, Dad's feet etc.†

All this would be done to rhymes that I just can't remember- Any one any ideas?†

*A show off

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