The Mixenden Treasure

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Today, Mixenden is still tarnished by the social deprivation that blighted it throughout the 1970s. While regeneration since then has done much to help the town, it is still dominated by prefab council tower blocks that do little to dispel the feeling of isolation from the other communities in the district. 

And yet, for a brief while in the 15th and 16th centuries, travellers from across England were drawn here by the unlikeliest of lures: the Mixenden treasure - a suppose hoard of vast wealth, buried beneath one of the nearby hills.

The hoard was supposed to be guarded by daemons - fallen spirits - and could only be reached through incantations, rather then with spades and pickaxes. But in that time, such rituals were considered to be beyond even mere blasphemy - as they suggested direct concourse with supernatural entities.

Even today, researchers and adventurers alike still seek after the truth behind the legend.

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