Bedford Street North, Halifax
27th November 1938

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By now, the 'Slasher' hysteria had taken hold of Halifax, despite the doubtful nature of at least 2 of the previous attacks. On Saturday the 26th attacks had been reported in Huddersfield and two other locations in Halifax (Aspinall Street and the Caddy Fields).

On the 27th, 19 year old Beatrice Sorrell parted from her Michael Higgins, her lover, and walked up Bedford Street North. As she passed a dark yard she saw a hand loom from the darkness and a sharp jab on her hand. Seeing herself bleeding, she ran down to the nearby firestation where she reported to the attack.

The senior fireman on duty drily noted that she didn't seem too perturbed by the incident, but that certainly wasn't true of the crowd who had arrived in response to the commotion, looking to extract vigilante violence on the Slasher.

However, yet again, it transpired that the wounds were self-inflicted. In this case, Sorrell had argued with Higgins and decided - probably inspired by the Slasher legend - to cut herself with a razor. Like Hilda Lodge she found herself in jail for 4 weeks for the trouble and fear she had caused to the local populace.

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