Bogus Social Worker in Caerau, Wales
3rd December 2010

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Louise Jones of Gelli Street, Caerau was left nervous about sleeping at home following a visit from a bogus social worker in December 2010.

"I was disgusted. Some stranger came to my house and put her hands all over my child and she wasnít even who she said she was. She could have easily taken him away from me, because of who I thought she was. I was outside the house and this woman was parked opposite. She got out of the car and was walking up the street looking at the house numbers. She came back, got into the car, turned around and parked outside my house.

On the morning of December 3, I had a knock on the door and this woman was there. She said her name was Alison and that she was from social services. She said she had been told that they had information that I was leaving the baby in the house on his own and I said 'No, I donít think so'. She asked to see the baby, so I went to get him because he was upstairs in bed. I brought Jacob back down and she told me she needed to check him over, so she took off his pyjama top and bottoms and his vest.

I waited for my health visitor to come, because I thought she would know about it. I told her and she said she hadnít sent anybody out and then phoned the police."

Police took Mrs. Jones' concerns seriously and issued an appeal for information, including a description of the visitor.

"The resident didnít ask to see any identification. However, she saw what appeared to be some form of identification around her neck, although she didnít see what was on it. We are reminding everyone that they should not allow anyone into their homes unless they are absolutely sure they are who they say they are. We would like to speak to this woman and are appealing for any information which may help us to identify and locate her."

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