British Witch Hunts and Trials

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  • 1st January 1597 Daemonologie: James I
    Daemonologie: James I
    James I of Great Britain's reign was torn by religious and political strife. As James VI of Scotland, he had already come to believe that his life was threatened by witchcraft. In 1590 he took direct personal involvement in the North Berwick witch trials in the belief that an attempt had been made o...
    Daemonologie: James I: in depth
  • 21st March 1612
    The Pendle Witches: Alizon Device is refused a favour by pedlar John Law
    Device walks away, muttering oaths. John Law soon falls ill.
  • 30th March 1612
    The Pendle Witches: Formal accusation
    Law and his relatives accused Device of witchcraft. Local JP Roger Nowell takes statements from Device, her mother and brother
  • 18th August 1612 The Pendle Witches
    The Pendle Witches
    The Pendle Witch trial of 1612 is the most comprehensively documented of all of the British witch trials. At its conclusion, 10 of the 11 accused were sentenced to death by hanging. We know so much about the trials due to the survival of a record of the trials known as The Wonderfull Discoverie...
    The Pendle Witches: in depth
  • 18th August 1612
    First trial
  • 19th August 1612
    The Pendle Witches: Second trial
  • 20th August 1612
    The guilty are hanged
    The witches are hanged at Lancaster castle

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