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  • 22nd November 2013
    The Bradford Clown
    The Bradford Clown demonstrates the symbiosis of social media and journalists shorn of resources. Rumours of burglaries committed by a man dressed in a clown outfit soon spread from Twitter to the pages of the local paper... which are then eagerly repeated by users of Twitter themselves. There are c...
    The Bradford Clown: in depth
  • 15th December 2014
    London Santa Claus Child Snatcher
    Santa Claus shares many commonalities with clowns: he is a bringer of joy to children, but hidden behind a disguise - a thick white beard and colourful costume. Unlike clowns, he is seen almost uniquely as a benign figure. But n some parts of Europe he is seen as kin to to a figure of an earlier, da...
    London Santa Claus Child Snatcher: in depth

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