Crib Lane, Halifax
29th November 1938

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What would turn out to the final 'Slasher' attack occurred on the 29th of November - an eventful night.

First, Mary Sutcliffe - the first of the Slasher's victims reported a second attack. Then another woman reported being attacked near a church in the early evening. Finally, near the Dean Clough carpet mill Mary Kenny approached the Mill up some steps in order to look through the window and find out the time.

As she did so, she felt someone grab her from behind - her left arm caught powerfully by a hand, and a sharp pain in her right. She fought her assailant for a few moments until he released her and ran off into the night.

But by now, the first confessions to fake attacks were coming out into the open. The local police were now openly sceptical of the existence of the Slasher and Percy Waddington's confession to faking his own attack soon put paid to the panic. Whatever happened to Mrs. Kenny - if anything - was soon dismissed and the local press the morning after declared that the 'Slasher' was a figment of the town's imagination.

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