Elland Lane, Elland
25th November 1938

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On the night of the 25th November - the 'Slasher' was alleged to have struck 3 times in rapid succession. Annie Canon reported being assailed shortly after 6pm, and Alice McDonald around half an hour later in nearby Ovenden.

But it was in Elland where the Slasher legend was to see the next stage of its development. Co-op manager Percy Waddington reported being attacked practically outside his store while returning home with fish and chips around 9pm.

The 3 inch cut he suffered slashed an artery, and he reported grabbing a piece of the slasher's coat - as well as discovering the razor blade used in the attack. Significantly, however, a coat with a missing cuff was found in the rugby park opposite the scene of the attack and identified as belonging to Waddington himself. 4 days later, he would confess to the police that he had faked the attack, without being able to offer a rational explanation for his actions. 

In the meantime, within minutes, the Slasher story had moved on to Green Lane, where the phantom assailant was to strike again.

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