Green Lane, Halifax
25th November 1938

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Minutes after Percy Waddington's self-inflicted 'attack' a similarly bizarre event occurred on Green Lane (which no longer exists). Hilda Lodge, leaving her house to get some vinegar to go with her chips, was terrified to see an arm reaching around a wall towards her.

She ran to her neighbour's house where minor injuries rapidly became apparent. Word of the outrage soon spread among the locality and a 100 strong mob arrived on the scene and began attacking one Cliff Edwards, entirely innocent of any wrongdoing and only coincidentally in the area. Fortunately for Mr. Edwards, 3 police officers overheard the hullabaloo and arrived in time to drag him away from a crowd shouting "break his fucking neck."

Under a week later, Mrs. Lodge would confess to faking the attack. She had long suffered from 'bad nerves' (which today we would probably describe as a form of depression) and inspired by tales of the Slasher had peremptorily decided to cut herself - possibly to gain attention. She received a 4 week sentence for her impulsive act of self harm and the disturbance it had caused.

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