Satanic Ritual Abuse

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  • 27th February 1991
    South Ronaldsay Satanic Abuse
    While short-lived, the abuse panic that struck South Ronaldsay in 1991 included the familiar pattern of tropes seen in other cases. Unusually, the spark was an actual case of child abuse, rather than a mere suspicion. The father of a family who arrived to live on the island in 1987 was found guilty ...
    South Ronaldsay Satanic Abuse: in depth
  • 13th January 2013 Jimmy Savile: Satanist?
    Jimmy Savile: Satanist?
    That Jimmy Savile was amongst the most prolific and horrific of sexual abusers of children in British history is no longer in doubt (for most people - see here for information about the case for his innocence). Since his death - when he was widely lauded for his charity and TV work - hundreds of peo...
    Jimmy Savile: Satanist?: in depth

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