Hindu Milk Drinking Statues
September 1995

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In the otherwise unremarkable summer of 1995, Britain - traditionally home to nothing more otherworldly than splat-the-rat at the local vicarage fete - played host to weirdness from the East.

Statues of the elephantine Hindu deity Ghanesh were reported to be drinking milk in the heart of that religion's home country, India. Within days, the international Vishva Hindu Parishad

But soon the phenomena reached even these quiet shores. Hordes of the devoted watched the statues evidently imbibing milk, causing much theological head-scratching among the believers - for what reason would a stone elephant drink milk, and what divine message was it supposed to impart?

While scientists talked (no doubt with heavy heart) about 'capillary action' and the like, the believers basked yet in the glory of the slow draining of milk, without so much as a clue as to what it might mean. Was Ghanesh pleased, wrathful or merely thirsty?

And as the waves of milk drinking spread across the world, so they lost their impetus and Hindus once more turned to their more regular, less other-wordly musings and devotions.

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