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UK Satanism

UK Satanism

In an increasingly secular world where the influence of traditional Christianity seems to be waning in public life - and where Christianity itself seems to be in something of an identity crisis - you might expect that Satanism would be even further from the common imagination. In fact, interest in Satanism continues to grow, becoming something of a true counter-cultural movement in recent decades. And while belief in the literal truth of Jesus' existence and the factual basis of Christianity is seen as something to be avoided in official circles, belief in the existence of Satanic plots, oddly, seems to be accepted.

Alongside the 'Satanic panics' that plagued the country throughout the 80s and early 90s - climaxing in the horrific allegations that led to the highly controversial Satanic Ritual Abuse scare - stories of animal sacrifice, satanic pacts, blood drinking rituals and more besides have become part of common lore and iconography.

When Jimmy Savile's name was linked with Satanism in 2013 the details of his alleged activities would have been familiar to almost anyone of cultural literacy: bizarre rituals, Latin chanting, sexual horror, pentagrams, goats and perverted violence.

But what is the truth about Satanism? Is it actually an organised force, with its own set of ethics and attendant rituals, or is it merely a word invoked by those looking to shock? In this series, I'll be taking a brief look at the meaning of Satanism and its reality.

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