Vishwa Temple, Southall

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During the great wave of  'milk drinking Hindu statues' in 1995, the Vishwa Temple was the scene of mass witnessing of these events. 10,000 people were reported to have seen statues of the Nandi (a bull) and Shash Naag (a cobra) drinking milk in the course of 24 hours.

One witness, Girish Desai from Edgeware reported: "I had heard reports but didn't believe it. But I experienced it myself. I held a spoonful of milk to the lips of one of the idols... and the statue started sipping it. The milk disappeared as I watched it."

Mr Bharbari, the chairman of the temple spoke of his belief in the reality of the phenomena and its meaning: "Our Holy Book says that wherever evil prevails on earth then some great Soul will descend to remove the bondage of evil so that right shall reign. We believe this miracle, and those happening at other Hindu temples, may be a sign that a great Soul has descended, like Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ.

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