Swansea City: Vetch Field

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Swansea City: Vetch Field

Swansea City: Vetch Field

Swansea City's venerable old Vetch Field ground has been consigned to history itself since its demolition in 2005 and the erection of the Liberty Stadium. Four years prior to that, it had nearly played host to what would have been one of the strangest scenes ever seen on a football pitch.

Second bottom in the second division, and twelve points from safety, the team was enduring a torrid spell of form and injuries. Somewhat bizarrely, the famous celebrity psychic Uri Geller claimed that the ground was haunted by what he described as 'black spirits.' Then manager Paul Owens told the press that Geller had linked this evil to a former player, Tich Evans, who had committed suicide while playing for the club in the 1920s.

By coincidence, Cottle's Circus was nearby at the time and (somewhat whimsically) Kenyan performers with the circus were asked to come and perform a 'voodoo dance' to exorcise the evil spirits. Quite why circus performers from Kenya would know about voodoo rituals is unknown - voodoo is traditionally associated with Haiti, although there are African traditions in a similar vein. Somewhere there could have been a faint whiff of patronising xenophobia in the suggestion.

Sadly, the ground was struck by thunderous rain on the day of the dance and the Kenyans were said to have refused to perform in those conditions. The match proceeded without any magic and consequently Swansea lost 0-1 

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