Deliver Us From Evil

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One of the most interesting and compelling books on the crimes of Peter Sutcliffe is David A. Yallop's Deliver Us From Evil. Yallop was a London journalist sent to Leeds at the height of the Ripper's grip on the popular imagination. He was charged with writing a series of dispatches about the atmosphere in the North and the progress of the search.

He decided to turn this dispatches into a full length book - weaving them together into a single narrative - and Deliver Us From Evil is the result.

As a tabloid journalist, Yallop's style tends to the more sensationalistic but is very evocative of the times.

Early editions were written while the killer was still at large and as yet unidentified. As such, they are a fascinating time capsule of the situation as it was seen at the time. Later editions were hastily published after Sutcliffe's arrest and sentencing and these are the most commonly found editions.

ISBN: 0708820026

4.5 / 5 stars


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