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Weird Island: Weird Places, People and Animals in Britain

Carps: SEO. Erstwhile Web developer. Idiot. One time blogger.


If you've arrived on this page, it's probably through an outdated link. At one time, I was Britain's brightest, least-prolific blogger and - like a ghost in the machine - the URLs still linger on in Google's sprawling index.

In 2011, I was unlucky enough to be diagnosed with a benign meningioma. This is a type of tumour that grows on the surface of the brain. With hindsight, this made a lot of sense regarding my personality, which had gradully become more abrasive over the years. Sadly, while I was operated on successfully, I continue to live with several lingering, long-term side effects which have had massively detrimental effects on my personal life. As such, I no longer blog.

If you want to read my search-engine related witterings, I still maintain (sporadically) a search marketing blog on Wordpress (because I'm too cheap to pay for hosting).

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