Weird Events on 16th April

  • 1570: Guy Fawkes
    Baptised Fawkes is baptised at the church of Michael le Belfry, York.
  • 1896: Amelia Dyer: The Ogress of Reading
    Writes her confessions When two of her acquaintances are suspected of involvement in her crimes, she writes a confession to exonerate them of any wrongdoing:

    "Sir will you kindly grant me the favour of presenting this to the magistrates on Saturday the 18th instant I have made this statement out, for I may not have the opportunity then I must relieve my mind I do know and I feel my days are numbered on this earth but I do feel it is an awful thing drawing innocent people into trouble I do know I shal have to answer before my Maker in Heaven for the awful crimes I have committed but as God Almighty is my judge in Heaven a on Hearth neither my daughter Mary Ann Palmer nor her husband Alfred Ernest Palmer I do most solemnly declare neither of them had any thing at all to do with it, they never knew I contemplated doing such a wicked thing until it was to late I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth as I hope to be forgiven, I myself and I alone must stand before my Maker in Heaven to give an answer for it all witnes my hand Amelia Dyer."
  • 1987: Harold Shipman: Doctor of Death
    Kills Alice Thomas, 83 Sidley Place, Hyde
  • 1987: Harvey Proctor