Weird Events on 30th July

  • 1579: Gallows of St. Leonards at Green Dykes Lane, York.
    Charles de Pascale and others De Pascale and his confederates in crime - Thomas de Warltire, George Edward de Priestley, Charlotte Morrett and Hannah Fourcroy meet their end on the gallows, found guilt of stealing silks and drapery goods worth upwards of 100 guineas.
  • 1581: Gallows of St. Leonards at Green Dykes Lane, York.
    James Richardson Richardson is hung at the gallows for the murder of Thomas Miller in Knaresborough on the 5th of April, and for taking 20 in silver coins from his body.
  • 1644: York Tyburn at Knavesmire
    Amos Lawson Thousands gather at the Tyburn to watch the end of Lawson - a highwayman of notorious repute, who was finally apprehended at a house in the forest of Galtres. The scene is described as 'more a fair for business and pleasure than a place of execution.'
  • 1962: Alexander Litvinenko
    Born in Vorozneh
  • 1987: Michael Ryan and The Hungerford Massacre
    Approved for semi-automatic license Following the acquisition of his semi-automative firearms license, Ryan completes buying his arsenal. At the time of the massacre he legally possesses the following weapons.
    1. Zabala shotgun
    2. Browning shotgun
    3. Beretta 92FS semi-automatic 9 mm pistol Used during massacre
    4. CZ ORSO semi-automatic .32-caliber pistol
    5. Bernardelli .22-caliber pistol
    6. Type 56 Chinese copy Kalashnikov AK-47 Used during massacre
    7. M1 Carbine .30 semi-automatic rifle Used during massacre