Weird Events on 26th June

  • 1613: Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)
    John Hitchin: Christchurch Dorset After a hard day's work as a carpenter, Hitchin went to bed - which he shared with his wife and child. Agnes Russel (his mother) was asleep in a different bed in the same house when she was awoken by an apparent blow to the cheek as an electrical storm raged outside.

    She tried to wake other family members but failed to rouse them with her shouts. Eventually, she went to her daughter's bed to find her burnt down one side. Mr Hitchin and his child were both dead, and Hitchin was ablaze. Dragged into the street, he is said to have burned for three days.
  • 1977: Jayne McDonald
  • 1985: Harold Shipman: Doctor of Death
    Kills Thomas Moult, 70 Thorpe Hall Grove, Hyde
  • 1985: Harold Shipman: Doctor of Death
    Kills Mildred Robinson, 84 Mona Street, Hyde.