Weird Events on 25th November

  • 1938: Green Lane, Halifax
  • 1938: Elland Lane, Elland
  • 1980: The Ripper Enquiry
    Sutcliffe's friend reports him to the police Trevor Birdsall - the friend of Peter Sutcliffe who had been with him on the night of his first attack finally makes his suspicions formal, writing to the police: "I have good reason to know the man you are looking for in the Ripper case. This man has dealings with prostitutes and always had a thing about them… His name and address is Peter Sutcliffe, 6 Garden Lane, Heaton, Bradford. Works for Clarke’s Transport, Shipley." Despite being marked as 'Priority No. 1' and indexed against Sutcliffe's name, it is lost in the filing system until after his eventual arrest.