Dateline: 25th August 2013

Are Satanists at Work on the Devonshire Moors?

If few mainstream sources outside the Daily Express give credence these days to stories of Satanic Ritual Abuse, they are still willing to report on other matters satanic - perhaps in response to the unstimulating fayre served up by the major religions.

This week, police are said to be investigating the murder of... some ducks. The ducks have been found decapitated on the moors of Devon - the latest in what is alleged to be a series of animal slaughters in the region. Unsure of what might motivate someone to decapitate a duck, the constabulary and press are happy to speculate that the motive could easily be related to black masses and satanic beliefs.

You may raise a sceptical eyebrow at the notion: after all, ducks are notable by their absence from satanic iconography. Goats, of course, are traditionally enwoven into satanic imagery and wildfowl (in the shape of chickens) are occasionally used in ritual sacrifices in other borderline religious ceremonies such as voodoo.

Ducks, however, have to the best of my knowledge never been seen as having magick potency. In a way, we are reminded of the discovery of dead swans - whose deaths are laid (unfairly) at the feet of immigrants. Beyond the bounds of polite society - whose members content themselves with feeding bread to our web-footed friends - perhaps abandoned wretches do avail themselves of visiting their demonic whims on mallards, coots and the occasional pochard?

You may detect a wry chortle in my voice as you read this - and you'd be right to. But, that being said, there is a long standing tradition of alleged "satanic" activity on the Devon moors.

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