Dateline: 4th February 2012

Beast of Stroud DNA Test Results Revealed

Following the flurry of excitement around the recent discoveries of 3 roe deer during January results of DNA tests on materials taken from the carcasses have been awaited with much anticipation by those who believe the deer were killed by one of Britain's alleged 'Alien Big Cats'.

Various eye witnesses and 'experts' have been on hand during recent weeks to proclaim the killings to be the work of a big cat. Unusually in such cases, DNA evidence was taken by scientists from Warwick University for analysis in an attempt to ascertain whether a big cat really was involved.

On the 2nd of February, the National Trust (which commissioned the tests, one of the killings having occurred on Trust property) announced the results which showed the presence of only fox DNA and that of other deer.

The head ranger of Gloucester National Trust told reporters:

"People love a mystery like this and although we haven't found a wild cat, many of our visitors clearly believe there might be something interesting living quietly hidden in Woodchester."

Naturally locals, believers and local believers refused to be fazed by the outcome of the tests, continuing to declare their belief in the reality of the Beast.

We at Weird Island remain open-minded about the presence or otherwise of big cats in Britain. The 1976 Dangerous and Wild Animals Act almost certainly led to the release of such animals into the British countryside, and enough have been definitively spotted or even captured to make it obvious that at least some species can survive among us, rarely glimpsed.

In the case of the Beast of Stroud the evidence thus far would seem to mitigate against the presence of a big cat, but we also have little doubt that such a being will continue to be seen and reported.

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