Dateline: 7th October 2013

Amanda Hutton Jailed for 15 Years

The mother of Hamzah Kahn - the four year old boy whose mummified corpse was found almost two years after he had starved to death - was found guilty of manslaughter at Bradford Crown Court. The recorder told Hutton that she was guilty of: 

"a terrible failure to fulfil the most basic responsibility; in short you starved Hamzah to death. Your deviousness was to keep various agencies away from you and your children"

Over the course of the trial, the full scale of Hutton's neglect of herself, her home and - most critically - her infant son has been shown to an almost disbelieving public. Photographs of her kitchen and the bedroom where her son died show incredible squalor, with piles of rubbish almost knee deep covering the floor and other surfaces.

A hint of the conditions at the house can be seen most vividly in this photograph of her living room - with the added, poignant detail of a child's high chair - presumably that of Hamzah Kahn.

The court heard how her drug and alcohol dependency had led her to become violent, threatening and abusive, and how she had silenced at least one concerned family member by threatening to cut the throats of her other children.

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