Dateline: 1st March 2012

David Rathband Suicide

Northumberland Police announced on March the 1st that PC David Rathband - the hero policeman who was shot in the face and blinded by Raoul Moat during his rampage across the area in July 2010.

Details of the circumstances around his death have not yet been released, but his Twitter account alarmed many of his followers earlier in the week with a serious of troubling updates, laced with notes of finality.

Following the attack, he was lauded for his bravery in returning to work - and in his work setting up a charitable trust called the Blue Lamp Foundation which was dedicated to helping injured emergency workers. After his initial steps back towards rehabilitation, his life seemed to take a darker turn towards the end of 2011, when he was questioned on suspicion of assault following an incident at the family home.

While he and his wife continued to express public support and no formal charges were brought, the couple also announced that they would be living apart while Rathband undertook further rehabilitation. In many ways, his suicide can be said to bring Moat's final murder tally to 3.
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