Dateline: 20th June 2013

Ian Brady in Court

As we reported back in December 2011, Ian Brady has been seeking for some time to be returned to the general prison population, where he hopes to be allowed to starve himself to death.

Since 1999, the notorious killer has been on hunger strike. Officially diagnosed as mentally ill, he remains at Ashworth hospital, where he is force fed. If he succeeds in his attempt to be diagnosed as sane, he can apply to be moved back to a regular prison, where he cannot be force fed and will die.

During his trial he has advanced many of his usual tropes - treating the court and various expert witnesses with withering contempt and, on one occasion, walking out of the court altogether for a couple of hours, saying he had "heard all this before."

Dr. Collins - one of those who treats Brady, maintains that he is 'chronically psychotic.' He told the hearing:

He is better, much better and able to control it but his life is still severely handicapped by his disorder, his mental illness. He is acting like someone who is chronically psychotic."

When pressed about how he thought Brady would act should he win his case, Collins was unequivocal both about what Brady would feel and how he would ultimately find prison life.

I think he will be delighted. He will have won after all. There will a period of triumph. Then there will be a period of him thinking about what is going to happen. He has always said prison is horrible. He had a horrible time at Durham and he would not come out of his room at Parkhurst. He is going to be frightened... he won't admit it. He is going to be dreading the consequences. I am not sure he will come out of his room. Those are all significant stresses."

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