Dateline: 9th December 2011

Ian Brady to Face Public Hearing

Notorious killer Ian Brady who, in partnership with Myra Hindley, committed 5 infamous murders in the sixties - the so-called 'moors murders' will face a public hearing when he applies to be returned to the regular prison system.

In 1985, he was adjudged to be psychopathic and removed to Ashworth high security mental hospital. Since 1999, he has been fighting for the right die in prison through starving himself. The authorities have refused his request to stop hospital staff force-feeding him.

His attempt to move back into the general prison population is thought to be motivated by a desire to be removed from the medical regime that has been keeping him alive and into a situation where he can successfully die. He has spoken of his desire to die in a jail in his hometown of Glasgow for several years.

The decision to hold the hearing in public is highly unusual, and the first to follow a precedent set by Albert Haines, who attacked nursing staff with a machete at a psychiatric hospital in 1986. His lawyers successfully argued that psychiatric patients have a right to a public hearing just as much as prisoners in the regular legal system.

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